“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Matthew 18:20

Reunion groups are small, often consisting of no more than half-dozen members. They meet together at the same time on the same day of the week, for an hour or so. The meetings are voluntary, usually men meeting with men, women meeting with women. The members meet, knowing their time together is important. The groups are committed to seek the truth and share ideals in a spirit of love. Each meeting place is a sanctuary, a place of sacred trust where sharing is confidential.

The Reunion Group exists for four reasons. First, to provide a place to share the joy of life. The more genuine and the deeper that life together becomes, the more everything else recedes, as God becomes the center of our lives. Second, to foster and expand the work of love as the basic ideal. When love, commitment, and inspiration come together, the group becomes God’s masterpiece. Third, the reunion Group exists to be rooted in love, individual ingenuity, creativity, and initiative, provide endless opportunities for apostolic experiences. Each group’s purpose is to do good to the bodies and souls of all people, wherever possible, as often as possible. Finally, groups exist to encourage members to attend to the means of grace through piety, study, and action, and to support one another in that goal.

In Reunion Groups, the members help each other stay in healthy step with God’s robust grace, constantly spurring each other along, as they venture forth with God and each other.

There are Reunion Groups already formed around the Houston area, but if none are convenient for you, form your own. It’s easy to do and we will be glad to help. Just find a coffee shop, restaurant, church meeting room or wherever you can gather in relative quiet and your sponsor or any of the board members can help you reach out to others in your area and help you with your first few meetings.

Please click here to get the list of Reunion Groups around the Houston area.